Apartment Fire Safety information from northernmentors.org
By Photographer Johna Bradley
March 7, 2019

Fire Education for Kids
Children are most at risk in a fire.
Fires can start because a child is playing with matches or lighters that were within reach. Keeping such items out of reach of children is an important aspect of fire safety, but there is so much more that can be done to keep children safe in the event of a fire. Teach children in your household about smoke alarms, what they are used for, and what they sound like. You can do this by talking to them while you do your routine smoke alarm check. Get the children involved in making the family escape plan. Helping them to map out the apartment and locate the exits on paper and in real life can help them to remember what to do if a fire should occur. Teach them about "stop, drop, and roll," what to do if a piece of clothing they are wearing catches fire. And teach them to never enter a burning building for any reason after they have left it. A common phrase used to help kids to remember this is "Get out, stay out."

Please visit the Apartment Fire Safety link listed below.

"Apartment Fire Safety" - www.highrises.com/condos-and-apartment-fire-safety.php

The Dwight Fire Protection District would like to thank Deb Turner, Maria, Taylor, Jacob and Jamie from northernmentors.org for the wonderful information about fire safety in regards to families who live in apartments. This group of 5th graders and their Mentor Deb, used the Dwight Fire Department website to do research on fire safety for a research activity.
Ms. Turner said, "The kids insisted we had to let you know that we were using your website- they were able to find tons of great information for the activity, and we had fun checking out the photos of the apparatus!!"

Thank you again and we hope that Maria, Taylor, Jacob, and Jamie enjoy seeing this news post in recognition of their hard work.

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